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The utility block has a floor space of 5500 sq. ft built in RCC and hosts utility equipments like Process and Instrument Air Compressors, Nitrogen Generator, Chilled Water Unit, Brine Plant, and RO Water Plant. Oil fired steam boiler supplies steam required for various process operations.

The power required for the facility is purchased from APSPDCL (Andhra Pradesh State Power Distribution Corporation Limited). The electrical distribution consists of sub-station with 2500 KVA, 33 KV/440V step down transformer, power house hosting the Power Control Centre, Motor Control Centre panels, Multiple Power Distribution Boards, Capacitor Bank etc. The power for entire facility is distributed from the Power House. Two nos. of generators of 500 KVA and 750 KVA capacity are used as back up during power failure to run essential operations.

Raw materials and solvents are stored in Raw Material Stores which is a 3100sq ft building in RCC construction. The finished products are stored inside the production block in a cold room.

Effluent Treatment Plant with capacity of 100,000 liters per day has been set up to handle effluents from the fermenters and other low TDS effluents from downstream process. The effluent treatment plant consists of aerobic and anaerobic digestors, sludge beds, clarifiers etc. The clean water obtained from the effluent treatment plant is used for green belt which has been developed along the contour of the plot. Batch distillation system has been set up to recover water from high TDS effluents. The solid effluent obtained from biological effluent treatment plant and batch distillation systems are sent for secured land filling at sites approved by the local pollution control authority.


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